Use Monflo - The fastest remote PC access software

Fast remote access
The fastest PC remote access software for Android and Windows
Play remote PC games remotely on Android
Play all your PC games remotely on Android devices or another PC!
Stream applications to Android
Use all Windows applications remotely on Android devices!
Connect anytime anywhere
Connect anytime anywhere
User friendly interface
User friendly and stylish user interface
Invite user to your PC
Invite users to connect and use your PC
Transfer files between two computers
Easy to use and fast file transfer
Secure connection
Fast and secure connection

Access Your PC remotely. Start now with a free version

Monflo for PC

Install on your PC Server + client

Available for

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Mobile Client

Install on the mobile you want to remote from

Available for

Android 4 or newer


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How to use Monflo as a remote PC access software?

PC access

Anytime - anywhere

Discover the fastest PC remote access software ever

  • Stunning performance and smooth HD video quality
  • Secure connection
  • Easy Set-up and User friendly UI
  • Access your data from every place in the world
  • Turn your Android device into your second desktop computer

Forget about video lags and low quality. With Monflo you get the best HD video streaming performance up to 4K. Easy and fast way to gain remote access to your desktop files from a smartphone, tablet or another PC.

and business use

Remote access and remote support software

Use Monflo remote PC access software to:

  • Provide on-demand remote support to your customers
  • Access your PC remotely from your Android device or another PC
  • Watch movies and videos from your PC on your Android device or another computer
  • Send and receive files from remote computer

Connect easily from your Android smartphone or tablet to your Windows computer from every place in the world, whenever you want. Access and control yours or customer’s PC.

PC gaming

On Android or another PC

Monflo remote PC gaming app allows to:

  • Play your Windows games on Android device
  • With fully customizable controls you can play any computer game
  • Launch your favourite desktop games remotely on another computer in HD quality
  • Play wherever and whenever you want!

Discover the world of remote gaming. Install our applications on both your Windows desktop and Android device and get started. Try out the infinite gaming possibilities with Monflo.

Home & personal use

  • Remote desktop access to your PC is always available to you from wherever you are, whenever you need to access it.
  • Help your friends and family to fix any computer problems swiftly and from home.
  • Fill your free time by using Monflo to watch movies.
  • Play your favorite PC games with Monflo.
  • Provide remote technical support to your family and friends

Commercial & business use

  • Provide on-demand Remote Support to your customers
  • Quickly send and receive files from Monflo Server computer
  • High security of connection
  • With Connect Anywhere feature you can access the files you need wherever you are
  • Administrate your company’s network and gain access to any computer in your network from any place on Earth