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Connect easily to your computer using any Android device or another computer from any place on Earth. Remotely access and control any files and applications on your PC in lag-free HD quality!

Account, licenses and subscriptions

Creating a Monflo account is crucial in order to utilize the full potential of Monflo and needed to buy Monflo license. Learn how to create Monflo account and about license options available.

1.Creating Monflo Account

Monflo account is needed to use many of the application's features, like:

  • - Fast and easy connecting to your PCs using devices lists
  • - Creating invitations to allow other Monflo users remotely control your PC
  • - Managing favorite applications and games
  • - Full access to Monflo applications settings
  • - Access for online management panel
  • - Account is required to purchase Monflo license

To create an account click here or do it from our homepage after clicking Login.

2.Monflo licensing options

You may choose between several licensing options available, depending on the additional features that you need. Check all options here.

3.Connect Anywhere subscriptions

Connect Anywhere allows to connect to a server computer regardless of any technical obstacles, like firewalls and NATs.

This feature requires to purchase additional subscription.

You can choose to be billed monthly or annually. If you choose to be billed annually, you get 2 months for free! Subscribe now!

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Monflo for PC

Install on your PC Server + client

Available for

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Mobile Client

Install on the mobile you want to remote from

Available for

Android 4 or newer


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