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Monflo Client Low signal or bandwidth troubleshooting

In order to provide high quality remote PC access and remote gaming your Wi-Fi or mobile network connection must provide sufficient signal and bandwidth. Low signal or bandwidth may result in lagged or corrupted quality on your mobile device in the form of misplaced squares, freezing problems etc. If you experience any of this problems please read troubleshooting instructions below.

1. Low signal or bandwidth warnings

When Monflo Client app on your Android device will detect a problems with signal or bandwidth it will show the Low signal or bandwidth warning pop-up. For this pop-up you can select Do not show this message again option.

Monflo Client also shows a small Low signal or bandwidth warning icon at the top of your mobile device screen informing about signal or bandwidth problems.

If you have signal or bandwidth problems please follow the below steps:

2. Low signal troubleshooting

First of all please make sure that you have sufficient network signal quality both for your Android mobile device and your PC (for PCs using wireless network). If you experience low Wi-Fi or mobile network signal please try to change your location to get closer to signal source.

3. Low bandwidth troubleshooting

If you have a sufficient signal quality but you still experience Low signal or bandwidth problems, please try the following steps:

  • Disable all bandwidth consuming software (including i.e. torrents and any other downloads) and hardware within your network connection
  • Switch to 5Ghz band Wi-Fi___33 (if supported by your devices)
  • Switch your mobile connection to LTE (if using any other slower mobile connection on your devices)

If you still experience problems please open Monflo Client app, then Audio/Video Settings and try to use lower settings for:

  • Video size
  • Framerate
  • Maximum bitrate

Please note that using Audio/Video Settings you can configure connection settings independently for WiFi and for mobile connections.

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