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Monflo Client Favorite applications

With Monflo Server you can create and manage Favorite applications list on your PC to access all favorite apps later with your Android mobile device. This allows you to run your Windows applications on Android easily just with a single tap.

1. Managing your Favorite applications list with Monflo Server on PC

Run Monflo Server on your PC and open Favorites tab.

To add your favorite Windows application make sure that Favorite applications is selected and use “Add a new item” button, browse for your application “exe” file and click OK button. To remove selected application or all items from the list use “Remove selected item(s)” or “Remove all items” buttons.

2. Running Windows applications using Favorite lists on Android device

Open Monflo Client app on your Android mobile device and show Favorite applications list. To show Favorite applications open Monflo Client Menu. You can show your favorite Windows applications in Menu list:

And in full screen Favorites screen:

Tap your favorite Windows application name to run it.

3. Clearing Favorite applications list

If you experience any problems with Favorite lists synchronization on PC and Android device, in example when deleted applications are still visible on your mobile device (even after Monflo Client app restart), please clear favorites on PC and mobile device.

To clear all favorites on your Android mobile device open Monflo Client Menu and select Remove all favorites.

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