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Monflo for Windows PC - Getting started

Monflo for PC provides the ultimate performance for Windows PC remote access. It requires to download and install applications on both the PCs you want to use for remote connection - Server and Client.

1. Monflo Server for PC

Download and install on your Server PC the latest Monflo Server version that is available:

Download Monflo Server

2. Free Monflo Client app for Windows PC

Install the latest Monflo Client app on the PC which you will use to control Server PC.

Download Monflo Client app PC

3. Create free Monflo Account

Monflo account is not required to use Monflo for remote PC access, but it is recommended as it allows to easily and quickly connect to your PCs.

To create a Monflo Account using website click the following link:

Create a new Monflo Account now

4. System requirements

Monflo Server and Monflo Client apps require network connection. It may be any network connection. Ethernet, 5GHz WiFi or LTE is recommended for the best experience and connection quality.

Monflo Server and Monflo Client applications require Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10.

4.Thats it!

Now you are ready to enter your username and password to both applications and start to remotely control your PC.

Access Your PC remotely. Start now with a free version

Monflo for PC

Install on your PC Server + client

Available for

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Mobile Client

Install on the mobile you want to remote from

Available for

Android 4 or newer


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