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Transferring files with Monflo

Monflo allows you to transfer files between Server and Client devices with applications installed on two PC computers. Learn how to do it.

1. From Server to Client

To transfer files between two PC computers you have to right-click on a file and choose Send with Monflo option.

2. From Client to Server

To transfer a file from your Client computer to Server computer you have to right-click on the file you intend to send and choose Monflo: send to [server computer name].

Install the latest Monflo Client app on the PC which you will use to control Server PC.

3. Transfer progress

You can track the progress of file transfer in the application

4. File transfer options

File transfer feature have a series of options to set up for you to get the quality you need.

Maximum upload and download speed and choosing a target file folder.

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Monflo for PC

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Available for

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Mobile Client

Install on the mobile you want to remote from

Available for

Android 4 or newer


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